Inspection Packages

AiM Certify inspections provide buyers with 150-points of peace-of-mind. A comprehensive bumper to bumper, interior and exterior review, engine fluid visual inspection, including a test drive^, 15+ condition photos, title, VIN and odometer check come in an online condition report with an “A” to “F” vehicle grade.

^ test drive not guaranteed; dependant upon a variety of factors including seller's willingness to allow test drive.  

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If you’re looking for current condition and detailed history about a vehicle, select AiM Plus. We’ll provide the same top-notch inspection services included in AiM Preferred, plus AiM vehicle history and an AutoCheck report.

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AiM Premier is the ultimate inspection package available to car-shoppers. We bolster the AiM Plus package with a scientific lab analysis of the engine and transmission fluids to reflect the condition of a vehicle’s internal components.

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Are you in the market for a commercial or recreational vehicle? AiM Commercial is the best inspection package available to buyers looking at large fleet vehicles and RVs, too. These large and specialized vehicles can carry hidden ailments, and the AiM Certify team has been uncovering them since we opened our doors. You’ll get a thorough evaluation of the vehicle’s condition in addition to an AiM vehicle history and AutoCheck report.

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What AiM Inspects

  • Frame alignment, rust and signs of previous work on it
  • Body panel alignment and condition
  • Signs of damage caused by accidents
  • Cosmetic condition of paint – scratches, spiderwebs, pits, dings, etc.
  • Inspect all dash and driver support systems
  • Infotainment functionality, radio and speaker sound check  
  • Seats, seatbelts and airbags
  • Fit, finish and condition of all interior items: ceiling, floors, doors, trunks, etc.
  • Cables, belts and hoses
  • Battery condition and security
  • Fluid levels and leaks check, condition of engine oil and power steering
  • Engine oil and transmission fluid extraction for lab testing
  • Engine start up, idling, acceleration, braking and turn off
  • How the vehicle responds and handles while being driven^ and check for rattles   
  • Review of emissions, looking for excess exhaust smoke
  • Steering wheel and all driver aid systems

    ^ test drive not guaranteed; dependant upon a variety of factors including seller's willingness to allow test drive.  

Consumers Choose AiM Because Of ...

Talented Inspectors

The AiM Certify team inspects on average 12 million vehicles a year, we have unparalleled experience and know what to look for on a consistent basis for every year, make and model vehicle

Nationwide Coverage

AiM Certify has 1,200+ full-time inspectors spread across the country – we’re pretty much everywhere. We’re there when you need us, on time, every time.


The AiM Certify team will be with you every step of the way with the highest customer care in the industry. It’s like we’re buying the vehicle for our own teenager.

Trusted Condition Reports

Our industry leading bumper to bumper inspections are thorough and AiM reveals a vehicle’s true value.

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