Frequently Asked Questions


The AiM Certify inspection is a comprehensive review of any year, make and model vehicle. There are three packages available and all begin with a thorough 150-point inspection to evaluate exterior, interior, frame and engine compartment condition. The professional AiM Certify inspector concludes with an optional test drive where the inspector rides along with the owner of the vehicle and observes any issues related to the vehicle. AiM Certify can also provide detailed history for the vehicle and more than 15 photos.

In the AiM Premier package – the industry’s top of the line inspection services – scientific lab engine and transmission analysis is conducted to inform you about the condition of these mechanical parts and is paired with a limited guarantee for the vehicle’s engine and transmission.

Yes, sample reports are available here.

We’ll conduct an inspection at residential, business and industrial locations throughout the United States. We need a valid street address and access to the vehicle if it is on private property.

AiM Certify is not a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) inspection. AiM Certify does not conduct state DMV inspections. Consult with your local DMV department for more details should you need this type of a vehicle inspection.

On a case by case basis, we’ll do our best to accommodate special requests.

We’ll inspect a vehicle from Monday through Friday, starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 5 p.m. local time.

Grades are a simple way of knowing the condition of a vehicle after we review all aspects of it. The AiM Certify vehicle grades follow those a student might receive in school. An “A” is best in class and an “F” is failing. Here’s a closer look:

  • “A” graded vehicles are in excellent condition and appear to be in good working order.
  • “B” graded vehicles are clean; appear to be in working order and have minor cosmetic blemishes.
  • “C” graded vehicles have higher mileage, some cosmetic blemishes and appear to be in working order.
  • “D” graded vehicles have undergone extensive repairs or need wide-ranging or considerable repairs.
  • “F” graded vehicles have significant previous damage and/or repair noted; may include a salvaged title, possible flood, frame, or major damage.

Once you complete the order process, our customer support team will reach out to the vehicle inspection location contact to schedule the inspection. We make every attempt to perform inspection requests within 2-3 business days however external factors such as inspectors' travel schedule and inspection location availability may cause turnaround time to vary.

We understand that you’re anxious to learn about our professional thoughts and observations of the vehicle and we’ll do our very best to expedite the condition report process. That’s why a detailed condition report and AutoCheck history report (when purchased) will be emailed to you within 24 hours. AiM Premier lab results are available within 48 hours.

Your inspection report can be accessed online at with the username and password created at the time the order is placed. We’ll also email you the inspection report.

While it is always preferable to conduct a test drive, the vehicle owner may not allow it due to weather conditions, insurance concerns or other reasons. If the inspector is not allowed to ride along with the owner of the vehicle during the test drive, the inspector will notate that the test drive did not occur. AiM Certify inspectors are highly trained and are able to complete a comprehensive inspections without driving the vehicle.

We accept credit cards payments from Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and also PayPal.


AiM Certify inspectors collectively conduct more than 12 million new and used auto inspections each year. Vehicle inspectors come to AiM Certify from a variety of backgrounds including insurance adjusters, used car auction evaluators, body shop estimators and other automotive technology jobs. Upon becoming an AiM Certify inspector, they complete an extensive training program on the use of AiM Certify’s exclusive inspection software that creates consistent and accurate inspection reports. This proprietary software technology is highly sophisticated and took years to develop and perfected through more than 50 million inspections by AiM Certify.  

Unlike many other vehicle inspection companies, AiM inspectors are full-time employees whose only job is inspecting new and used vehicles.

No, all of the AiM Certify field employees are highly qualified automobile inspectors trained to evaluate a vehicle’s true condition.  They are specialists who uncover hidden evidence of body and mechanical repairs, evaluate performance and provide a reliable estimate of a vehicle’s overall condition. An ASE certified mechanic is highly qualified to conduct automotive repairs, but ASE certification does not in itself convey auto inspection expertise.

Yes, if a customer would like to speak with the AiM Certify inspector who conducted the inspection, we’ll note that in your order and be sure he/she contacts you. The AiM Certify inspector will contact the customer from the inspection location and answer general questions about the vehicle.


No, the inspectors do not carry paint meters during inspections. Our inspectors are trained to look for evidence of previous repairs including overspray. Paint meters are not always as accurate as a trained eye.

No, the AiM Certify inspector’s training and experience makes it possible for him/her to identify many potential areas of concern by examining a vehicle’s undercarriage without utilizing a lift. We also do not put the car on a jack, for safety reasons.

AiM Certify does not conduct cylinder compression measurements due to the liability incurred with the removal of engine components.

No, we do not connect any equipment to the car. AiM Certify inspectors rely upon their vast experience to reach accurate conclusions on the static and dynamic condition of inspected vehicles. The inspectors use a highly-refined inspection process developed and perfected by the industry’s most experience automotive inspection company.

No exact dollar amount estimate for the vehicle’s value is included.  However, the report does include the information that will help you determine accurate wholesale, trade-in and retail prices on websites such as Kelly Blue Book (, or

Cancellation Policy

The customer will be refunded full payment less the $29 administration fee.

You may cancel an inspection for a scheduled appointment without penalty by calling (888) 670-5798 or emailing customer service at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled inspection appointment. However, a non-refundable $29 administration fee will be assessed.